Get Ahead of the Busy Buying Season – Start Searching for Your Dream Home Today

The late spring and summer months are notorious for being the busiest season for home buying and selling. April through September typically bring a higher number of homeowners listing their home, but even more buyers out there trying to put an offer on those homes. The competition in this market has been especially intense the past couple of years when the supply of new houses on the market has been significantly lower than the demand.

One way to avoid this highly competitive market is to buy in the off season. Late fall, winter, and early spring are a great time to avoid the crowds and house hunt in a market that is less stressful and quite frankly, crazy.

Although there will be significantly fewer houses, condos, and townhouses on the market when you search in the off season, competition will be less. This could result in fewer offers being made on that property that caught your eye and a lesser chance of a bidding war.

Spring 2022 is a great time to start your house hunting journey! Low interest rates are still in effect, but higher rates are imminent. This means that the same house for the same price could up costing you even more in the near future due to increasing rate.

Don’t forget! Until the end of March 2022, Kurv Loans is also offering a $600 appraisal credit when you purchase a home using our team of experienced real estate professionals. That’s another $600 that will be back in your pocket!

There are many great benefits for buying a home outside of the typically busy season. If you or your family is considering starting your house hunting search this spring, contact one of our amazing real estate professionals to get started.

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