Getting Serious about Your Home Search? Be Prepared

It is officially home buying season! Spring is here and the inventory of homes is starting to rise, are you ready to start your search?

Buying a home can be the largest and most influential purchase a person can make in their life. It is important not to take this process lightly and always have a plan when you start your search. When you set parameters before you start your looking, it helps make the process less overwhelming and unpredictable.

Consider each of the following before jumping into the home buying process:

Do Your Research

How does the current real estate market look in the area you are trying to buy a home in? Keeping an eye on the average cost per square feet of a home is a great indicator of what you will pay in that area. Property taxes can also vary depending on the neighborhood or property you’re looking to purchase.

Having an accurate expectation of what you will have to spend to live in the area you want is important.

Always Set a Budget

Knowing what you can realistically afford when buying a house can help you set a realistic budget for your new home.

Working with Kurv Loans can allow you to find out what you will be pre-approved for, making it even easier to know what the budget for your new home should be. Contact us today to learn more.

Make a List of “Must-Haves” and “Nice-to-Haves”

The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or square footage of a home can have a huge impact on the sales price. What are non- negotiables in your new home? Knowing this beforehand will help you focus your search and help you not get swept away by other options or amenities in the area.

What Neighborhoods or Amenities are you Looking for?

Similar to your list of “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”, is there specific areas or neighborhoods that you have your heart set on living in? Are you interested in living close to public transit, shops & restaurants, a certain school district, or housing development?

These considerations may impact the budget you’ve set for your next home. More sought-after area and amenities can bring a higher rate of competition, which most of the time means a higher cost too.

Keep in Mind Timelines

Closing on a home will usually take between 30 and 60 days after an offer has been accepted. How does that time frame work within your schedule?

Some people may need to be out of an apartment lease, have a closing date already on a home they are selling, or have another obligation they need to consider before closing on their home.

It is important to know about these different dates, deadlines, and timelines before starting your home search. Even more importantly, it is important that your real estate agent knows too!

Find a Real Estate Agent you can Trust

Having a trusted partner during your home buying search is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you feel confident and prepared to buy your next home.

At Kurv Loans, our dedicated team of real estate professionals can help you the moment you start searching to the day your get the keys! Learn more about our team and services on our website today.

Do you still feel like you don’t have a strong understanding of what you’re looking for? Contact one of our real estate experts today to help you set a strong plan before you start your home buying journey.

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